About Us

KCCTO-KITS Infant-Toddler Specialist Network

The Infant-Toddler Specialist Network is a collaborative project of Kansas Child Care Training Opportunities (KCCTO) and the Kansas Inservice Training System (KITS). Our team of specialists provide education, support, consultation, and technical assistance to early childhood professionals working with infants and toddlers in Kansas. Our services vary in duration and level of intensity to meet the individual needs of the early childhood professional.

Resources | Access resources on early care and education, including technical assistance packets and virtual kits

Training | View and register for upcoming professional development opportunities offered by the Infant-Toddler Specialist Network through KCCTO

Consultation | Contact an Infant-Toddler Specialist with questions about providing care and education to infants and toddlers. Consultation is available on a one-time or short-term basis. Your specialists will work to provide you with the support you need and connect you with relevant resources and services.

Technical Assistance Plans | Develop and implement a plan for quality improvement with an Infant-Toddler Specialist providing support every step of the way.