Technical Assistance Packets

Kansas Inservice Training System (KITS)


The purpose of Technical Assistance Packets is to support early care and education professionals in the state of Kansas. However, programs in other states can request the packets for free or purchase packets for the cost of printing and mailing. All packets are available in hard copy or through email. Please check below for packets available.

Packets are available through email by contacting or calling 620-448-3067.

No permission is needed for individuals or non-profit organizations to excerpt or make copies of publications by Kansas Inservice Training System for personal use, for library reserve, or to share as handouts with students, teachers/staff, parents, or policy makers, as long as credit is given. Materials must be distributed at no cost, or sold at reproduction cost only, to the recipients. When a for-profit organization, such as a child care center, uses KITS materials as handouts for parents and staff, they are also covered by this policy. Note that many of the handouts in the KITS publications are copyrighted by outside sources. KITS has received permission to use these items. You will need to contact these sources on your own to get permission to use these copyrighted items.

Technical Assistance Request

One strategy utilized by KITS to address individual needs is the Individual Technical Assistance Plan. These plans are conceptualized to meet the needs of individuals or programs wishing to expand skills in their own work environment, rather than in a traditional or formal training situation. To request assistance, send us an email at or call us at 620-448-3067.